Design Evolution: Best Practices in User Experience Design

Enterprise Mobile Strategy Webinar Series

The term User Experience is constantly tossed around in design circles, and it is often very misunderstood. As the practice of design has matured and evolved over time so has our understanding of what it means to design for the user. This webinar focuses on helping to better define what UX is and what it is not along with practical examples of what UX can do for your organization. 

  • The Human Factor

    How reframing problems in human terms helps you to come up with better solutions.
  • Understanding UX Research

    Explore the difference between market research and UX research.

    Learn how to identify opportunities in synthesis, patterns, and themes.

  • Implementing the Process

    Taking the UX process from research to evaluation to realization of a product.

    Research ROI Jared pic.png  
    Jared Huke
    Director of Design & UX

    Since designing his first webpage in 1993, when there were only 5,000 websites worldwide, Jared constantly explored new areas of interaction design. With a user centered design methodology, he leads our visual traditions and acts as chief user advocate within the ChaiOne design team. He brings his global experiences that range from Texas, Sweden, and far eastern locales as Saigon, Bangkok and Shanghai.

Section 2: Spin Straw into Gold